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June 13, 2016 June Town Baord Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2016
Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room (LMBMR)
7:00 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of allegiance
3. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting(s)
a. May Board Meeting Minutes (5/9/16)
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Public Comment: This is the Town Board’s monthly business meeting, not a public hearing. People wishing to speak on any agenda item should present their comments during this public comment period. While the Board can receive comments about matters not on the agenda, it may not discuss or take action on them. All comments must be addressed directly to the Town Board and will be limited to five (5) minutes per person. In addition, the total public comment session will be limited to 20 minutes. Joan Rosenthal—Introducing herself as a candidate for the Fond du Lac County Treasurer position.
6. Board Action on Plan Commission’s Recommendation Voted on at a Public Hearing Held June 6, 2016 @ 6:30 PM --Orvis Real Estate, LLC Request for a Conditional Use Permit to construct a non-farm home in an Intensive Farmland District
7. ROAD BID OPENING: 8:00 pm BIDS SUBMITTED by the deadline will be opened by the Board. Bids may or may not be awarded at this meeting.
a. Road Report—
i. Culvert Permit Report
b. Discussion Next Town Newsletter date?
c. SAVE THE DATE—Fire Dept. Steak Fry—Saturday, June 18, 2016—Serving from 3 to 8 PM
d. Board of Review Update – Held May, 17, 2016 from 4 to 6 PM
e. ANNOUNCEMENT – DATE CHANGE OF OCTOBER 2016 TOWN BOARD MONTHLY MEETING TO THE FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH BEING: Monday, October 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM as usual. November Town Board meeting is back to the normal 2nd Monday.
f. Update on April Board Meeting Citizen Concern regarding excess stone chips on Schraven Circle
g. Spraying of invasive weeds by the WI DNR
h. Discussion of Phone calls received by town regarding noise control in township
a. Discussion Forest Avenue Ditch matter (Town Attorney’s opinion)
b. Brown Rd / Wonser Rd Ditch Damage: Letter from Town stating Satisfaction of Repairs to Contractor responsible for damage
a. Board Action—Board of Appeals reappointment of regular members: Greg Michels & Paul Dercks and discontinuing term end dates for alternate members of the BOA.
b. Board Action—Orvis Real Estate LLC Certified Survey Map presented for signatures
c. Board Action—Doing a Dog count this year
d. Board Action—Discussion / Changes in Communication Tower Regulations / Laws
e. Board Action—Picnic License Application—Lamartine Fire Department Steak Fry, June 18, 2016
f. Board Action—New Operator’s License Applications—Ashley Depres (Halfway House) &
Robert Gratton, Andrew Pevonka, Thomas Stibb & Mark Miller (Lakeshore Bowhunters)
g. Board Action—Operator’s License Application—Brian Michels & Stan Dietsche (Renewals)
h. Board Action—2016 – 2017 Liquor License Applications
i. Lori’s Bar & Grill
ii. Halfway House
iii. Lakeshore Bowhunter’s
iv. Wescot Sportsman’s Club
i. Board Action—2016 – 2017 -- Town Establishments Renewal Operator License Applications—Applicants To Be Announced at Meeting
11. Approving the monthly vouchers and checks—Including Approval of wiring of funds ($ 266,409.00) for final payment of Fire Truck.
12. Adjournment


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