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April 14, 2014 April Town Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes Dated: April 14, 2014
With all notices having been properly posted, Frank Bartzen, Chairman called the April meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room (LMBMR) at 7:00 Pm.

Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Bruce Rhode, Treasurer, Greg Michels and Clerk, Jill Randall were also in attendance. Please see meeting sign in sheet (included with these minutes) for other attendees.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Frank called for any corrections or additions in the March Board Meeting minutes. Mike seconded by Bruce made a motion to accept the March Board meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Frank called for any corrections or additions in the Special Town Board Meeting minutes; for meeting held 3/26/2014 Re: Board Action on recommendation from Town Plan Commission to adopt the updated Zoning and Farmland Preservation Ordinance. Bruce seconded by Frank made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Frank called for any corrections or additions in the Special Town Board Meeting minutes; for meeting held 3/31/2014 Re: Board approval of quotes for painting, lighting, flooring and purchasing new computer equipment and cabling/networking in the town office, fire department, meeting room, etc. Frank seconded by Bruce made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Frank asked Greg to read the Treasurer’s report. The ending balance as of 3-31-2014 is $535,457.11. Bruce moved to accept the March Treasurer’s report as presented. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Citizen Concerns:
Concern was addressed regarding the Forest Avenue and Townline Road sign was broken off and now is tipping because of wind.
Concern was addressed about new road name sign was needed for Wonser and Brown Road.
Concern addressed regarding a couple of wrong ballots being given out at the April 1st election.
Greg Michels, Pollworker at this election, explained that due to the Oakfield SD referendum the polling place ran out of Oakfield SD ballots, so voters in that school district were directed to the touch screen voting machine that is loaded with digital ballots for all three of the school districts. Soon a line of voters were waiting to vote on the touch screen voting machine. To speed up the voting process, voters from the other two school districts were asked to vote with the regular ballot and pen and put their ballots into the optic scan voting machine like is typically done. Two voters that were not from the Oakfield SD were directed to use the touch screen voting equipment and later were told that they were in the wrong place and were given ballots to vote. It was not a big deal and no one voted on the wrong district ballot.

A. Road Report—Frank stated that the town roads have a lot of cracks. The hope is that the roads will settle more. Rich and Frank will be meeting with Scott Construction and Crackfilling Co. to do an inspection of the roads and see how much repair needs to be done. The county will be contacted regarding a couple of gravel roads in the township that need to be graded. Discussion took place regarding water on a couple of town roads after the heavy rainfall.
1. Report – Road Supervisor Re: Culver/Access Permits Issued since last Board meeting—Frank reported that Rich issued one culvert permit this past month to Mitch Weed on Thomaswood Trail.
B. Update on Farmland Preservation / Zoning Ordinance 2013 Update – Meeting results from Public Hearing and Special Town Board meeting regarding adoption of the amended Zoning Ordinance—Held 3/26/2014 @ 6:30 Pm—Frank reported that the Town Plan Commission (PC) held a Public Hearing on 3/26/2014 to receive public comment and make a recommendation to the Town Board regarding adoption of the updated Zoning (Farmland Preservation) Ordinance. Immediately following the Public Hearing the Town Board held a Special Town Board meeting to act on the recommendation of the PC. The Town Board voted 2-0 to adopt the updated Zoning Ordinance. Mike Suprenand was absent for this meeting. For more information on either of these meetings, please see the minutes dated: March 26, 2014, “Public Hearing Re: Amendments to Town’s Zoning /Farmland Preservation Ordinance” and/or March 26, 2014, “Special Town Board Meeting RE: Board Action to be Taken on the PC Recommendation on Adoption of the Zoning Ordinance (Farmland Preservation)”.
C. Update on Foss Road Issues Regarding Road Owner of Record—The daughter of the party that needs to sign the Quit Claim Deed is now getting involved and states that she is afraid that the Town is trying to take land from her parents. This matter has gone on too long. The Town has done nothing wrong, it is not the towns doing that part of a legal description was left off a deed years ago and because of this error the deed states that Hidden Valley owns part of Foss Rd. The Town has been getting road aides for this road for years. Frank moved seconded by Bruce that if Hidden Valley has not returned the signed Quit Claim Deed to the town by Friday, April 18, 2014, the town turns this matter back over to Fond du Lac County to sort out. Motion carried 3-0.
D. Building Committee Meeting Update—Recommending Vendors for Painting & Flooring for the Town Office & other items discussed by the committee. Held 3/27/2014—Greg reported that at this meeting the committee recommended that the Town Board accept the quotes as follows to update the Town Office: Ledgeview Painting $200.00, Floorquest Flooring $1375.00.
E. Meeting Results of Special Town Board Meeting to approve vendors for computer hardware / software purchases, network cabling and to approve vendor for town office painting & flooring—Held 3/31/2014 @ 6:00 Pm—Frank reported that at this Special Town Board meeting the Board voted to have Lemke Consulting build / supply the town and fire dept. with new computers (3), multifunctional printer, all necessary software, Wi-Fi, and network cabling throughout the municipal building. The Board also voted to have Floorquest install new vinyl plank flooring and base cove in the town office Ledgeview to paint the office and Cody Birschbach to install new workstation lighting. All work is scheduled to be done by April 21, 2014. The total cost of the project is $13,690.00. Options for internet and phones are still being looked into. The Town currently has phone and internet service provided by TDS.
F. Spring Election Results—April 1, 2014—Clerk, Jill Randall reported that there were 376 voters at the April 1st Election. Results were read aloud. One late ballot was received and counted by the Municipal Board of Canvassers (MBOC) on Saturday, April 5th. (Please see minutes dated 4/5/2014 for more information regarding the MBOC).
G. Annual Town Meeting will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of April (April 15, 2014) at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:30 PM
H. Update on Veteran / Cemetery Committee Meeting—Greg reported that there is still snow at the memorial site so the committee will look at the memorial and the site when the snow is gone. Delores Braun is planning on taking care of the flower gardens at the park again this year. There are no new names to go on the memorial. The cemeteries that the town takes care of were discussed by the committee. There are broken stones, sinking stones, etc. that need to be taken care of at the cemeteries but, who will do this work? The Board will leave the cemeteries as is for now.
I. Open Book of the Assessment Roll—April 23, 2014—at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room. 3:00 – 5:00 Pm.
J. Board of Review (BOR)—May 19, 2014 at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room. 4:00 – 6:00 Pm—remember to get your Notice of Objection Forms for Real Estate or Personal Property from the Town Assessor’s at Open Book for the Assessment Roll or from the Town Clerk, Jill Randall via email [email protected] or via phone at 920-906-3683.
K. Oakfield Community Blood Drive – May 8, 2014 at the Oakfield High School @ 11:00 Am to 4:00 Pm


A. Discussion / Decision RE: Seven Mile Creek Park Property—Ron Engel, Engel & Associates to discuss Site Closure Status—Frank read an email received from the Towns’ environmental consultant Ron Engel. In summary there is off-site contamination from the former Stiedaman Property (Seven Mile Creek Park). The contamination is on the Thomas Hintz property (former Kintzler Property). Analytical results identified PCB’s in one of the boreholes sample on the fmr Kintzler property. The WDNR and Ron are recommending that further sampling be completed to get closure at this time. Ron feels that site closure is the best option for the town. Mike moved seconded by Bruce that the town move ahead to close the site at Seven Mile Creek Park having Ron Engel with Engel & Associates do the work. Motion carried 3-0. For more information please see emails dated 3/31/14 from E. Victor, WDNR and 4/14/14 from Ron Engel; both on file in the clerk’s office.
B. Discussion / Decision Re: Certified Survey Map for Land of Gold Revocable Trust—Bruce moved to accept (sign) the CSM for Matt Reinke (buyer) for Land of Gold Rev Tr. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.
C. Discussion / Decision regarding Treasurer’s request to have Town Board release collateralization with Hometown Bank—Mike moved seconded by Frank to release Hometown Bank from the Collateralization Agreement. Motion carried 3-0.

Approving the monthly vouchers and checks—Bruce seconded by Mike moved to accept the vouchers presented for payment. Motion carried 3-0.

Adjournment—Mike moved seconded by Frank to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 3-0 and the meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall
Municipal Clerk

Included with these minutes: Attendance Sign in Sheet


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