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April 15, 2014 Annual Town Meeting Minutes - 2014

Minutes Dated: April 15, 2014
7:30 PM

With notices of the Annual Meeting having properly been posted and published, Frank Bartzen, Chairman of the Town of Lamartine, called the 2014 Annual Town Meeting to order at 7:30 PM at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room.

Also present at this meeting were Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Bruce Rhode; Treasurer, Greg Michels; Clerk, Jill Randall, and Constable Harold Birschbach. There were 7 other people in attendance at this meeting. (Please see Attachment A – Attendance Sign in Sheet).

Frank led the Pledge of Allegiance.

MINUTES—Larry Conger seconded by Joe Birschbach made a motion to accept and dispense with the reading of the 2013 Annual Town Meeting minutes. Motion carried unanimously with a voice vote--12 Yeas and 0 Nays.

DESIGNATING OF DEPOSITORY FACILITY—Frank called for a motion to designate a Public Depository facility, per SS 60.46. Harold Birschbach seconded by Joe Birschbach made a motion that the town continues to use Hometown Bank as its depository. Motion carried unanimously with a voice vote--12 Yeas and 0 Nays.

ALLOWING THE TOWN BOARD TO BORROW MONEY—A motion was called for to allow the Town Board the right to borrow up to $100,000 if necessary to continue to operate the town. Larry Conger seconded by Randy Kuik made a motion that the town be allowed to borrow up to $100,000. Motion carried unanimously with a voice vote--12 Yeas and 0 Nays.

2013 FINANCIAL REPORT—Greg read the 2013 Financial Report. Questions or concerns were called for from the residents. Hearing none, Randy Kuik moved to accept the 2013 Financial Report as presented. Larry Conger seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously with a voice vote--12 Yeas and 0 Nays.

ROAD WORK— Frank offered a big thank you to Rich Buteyn, Town Road Supervisor and his staff (Jim Hoffman, Harold Haney & Matt Coyne) for doing such a great job this past year plowing and keeping the roads in good shape.
A. Roadwork completed in 2013—Frank reported what roads the Town did work on in 2013.

B. Roadwork for 2014—Frank explained the road projects including crack filling the Town was considering for completion in 2014.

C. Road & Equipment Concerns—Frank addressed some highway equipment concerns and the need to start putting away for a new plow truck that would need to be replaced in the next five years or so.

OLD BUSINESS—Resident Concerns—

A. Update on Cemetery / Veterans Memorial Committee—Committee Treasurer, Greg Michels reported that last year two names were added to the memorial. Solar lights and flags need to be changed. Dolores Braun and her group will be taking care of the flower beds at the park again this year. Discussion took place regarding the town cemeteries and the work that needs to be done on the broken & leaning headstones. For now the town will just keep it mowed and looking as nice as possible.
B. Update on the Town of Lamartine Zoning Ordinance/Farmland Preservation Plan Recertification—Frank explained that as of March 26, 2014 the updated Town Zoning Ordinance/Farmland Preservation Plan is certified by DATCP, adopted by the Town Board and is in effect.


A. Fire Department Report—Chief Joe Birschbach—reported that the fire department continues to keep the attendance roster up with a good mix of people and a good group of young people. Joe feels that Lamartine Dept. is well respected in the County. He explained in depth about the “I Am Responding” Program, the RIT team (Rapid Intervention Team) and MABAS which is a mutual aid program with other fire dept. in the county that is working out great! Joe, thanked the Town for putting away money each year toward fire dept. equipment purchases, he explained that the fire dept. is still on track for replacing one of the fire trucks in five years. Frank on behalf of the town thanked Joe and the entire fire dept. for a great job.
B. Discussion / decision—Town Bard Meetings have been held at 7:00 Pm for the last year instead of 7:30 Pm…How is that working out?—Joe Birschbach seconded by Larry Conger moved to keep the monthly board meetings at 7:00 PM. Motion carried unanimously with a voice vote--12 Yeas and 0 Nays.
C. Date for 2015 Annual Town Meeting—Ed Haney moved to hold the 2015 Annual Town meeting on the third Tuesday in April being April 21, 2015 at 7:00 Pm (like the monthly town board meetings) to be held at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room. Motion carried unanimously with a voice vote--12 Yeas and 0 Nays.

Frank announced that Open Book of the Assessment Roll would be held on April 23, 2014 3:00 – 5:00 Pm at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room and that Board of Review would be held May 19, 2014 from 4:00 – 6:00 Pm, also at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room. Please contact Clerk, Jill Randall at 920-960-7835 if you wish to file a “Notice of Objection” form to appear before the Board of Review.

With no further business to discuss, Joe Birschbach made a motion to adjourn the 2014 Annual Town Meeting. Greg Michels seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 Pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall
Municipal Clerk

Enclosures (2)
2013 Financial Report
2014 Attendance Sheet of Annual Meeting


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