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August 10, 2009 Town Board Meeting MInutes

Board Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2009

With all notices having been properly posted, Frank Bartzen, Chairman called the August meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:30 Pm.

Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Bruce Rhode, Treasurer Greg Michels and Clerk Jill Randall were also present at this meeting. There were 6 people signed in on the meeting attendance roll.

Frank led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Frank then called for any corrections or additions in the July Board Meeting minutes. Mike made a motion seconded by Bruce to approve the July minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Frank asked Greg to give the July Treasurers report. The ending balance as of 7-31-09 is $463,994.68. Bruce moved to accept the Treasurers report as presented. Motion was seconded by Frank. Motion carried 3-0.

Citizen Concerns:


A. Road ReportFrank reported that Rich has started cutting roadside grass. The shouldering on Johnson Road is complete. Discussion took place regarding the Town doing more shouldering this year than originally planned due to the availability of ground blacktop from City of Waupun. The price per ton for the ground blacktop is less than the price per ton for screenings and the ground blacktop packs tighter and creates a better shouldering job than with screenings. Paying overtime to complete the shouldering was also discussed.

1. St Stephens Church Culvert/Water ProblemsFrank explained that nothing more has been done regarding the catch basin. Rich will get it flagged; the church has hired an engineer at their expense to look at the water problem. This expense is not in the town budget this year and it is not for sure that the town will pay for any of the expense. The church would like to install a sump hole to help alleviate the water problem; Rich and Frank are not really in favor of the sump hole nor is the neighbor that would be near it.

B. Update on Fond du Lac CTY Y ReconstructionFrank reported that the first layer of blacktop was put down today. Abel Landscaping will be doing the grass work, then the lines and signs will be done and the project will be complete.

Frank also noted that Scott Construction started the town roadwork projects today.

C. Update on Public Hearing on the Final Draft of the Comprehensive (Smart Growth) PlanPublic Hearing held July 21, 2009The Public Hearing on the Final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan went well. The Plan was adopted by the Town Board. Warren from Martenson & Eisele will finish up the draft; make up the books & CDs for distribution of the final plan.

D. Report on the progress of the Zoning Ordinance updatePlan Commission meeting scheduled for August 31, 2009 @ 7:00 Pm to discuss necessary changes to the Zoning OrdinanceWarren is working on the update and with Eric Fowle to add the language for the Animal Silting Ordinance. A draft or preliminary Zoning Code will be mailed to the Plan Commission Members prior to the August 31st meeting for their review. The clerk will check with Warren on copies of the zoning code changes being brought to the meeting for the public to use to follow along during the meeting.

E. Building Committee ReportGreg reported that the Building Committee met to review additional information they received regarding the painting and lighting projects. The original painter chosen to paint the outside steel doors and railing etc. could not obtain a certificate of insurance to do this work. Other quotes were sought for this project. Lehner & Sons quoted the committee a price of $570.00 if the job can wait to be done in September. Advanced Electric did some checking and a rebate can be gotten for the replacement lighting in the fire station at $60.00 per light. Discussion took place regarding the additional lighting in the mezzanine and the replacement of the lights located on the front of the fire department. Mike made a motion to approve to do the lighting projects as discussed. Bruce seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.



Approving the monthly vouchers and checksMike moved to approve the monthly checks and vouchers presented at this meeting. Motion was seconded by Bruce. Motion carried 3-0.

With no further business to discuss, Mike seconded by Bruce made a motion to adjourn. Motion carried 3-0 and the meeting adjourned at 8:17 Pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall
Municipal Clerk


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