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August 14, 2006 Town Board Meeting Minutes

Town Board Meeting Minutes
Dated: August 14, 2006

With all notices having been properly posted, Ed Montsma, Chairman called the August meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:30 Pm. Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Frank Bartzen were also in attendance at this meeting.

Ed led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ed called for any corrections or additions in the July Town Board Meeting minutes. Mike made a motion seconded by Frank to approve the July minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Ed asked Greg to read the July Treasurer’s report. Greg read the Treasurer’s report aloud. He noted that the Town had received fire dues, shared revenue, road aides and the state school tax credit payments. The state school tax credit is immediately paid back out by the town. The ending balance as of 7-31-06 was $569,125.54. Frank seconded by Mike moved to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried 3-0.


J. Peter Braun announced that the Fire Department had received the 2005 grant that they had applied for in the amount of $42,098.00. The Fire Department will now be able to purchase the SCBA’s & face shields they had applied for in this grant. The Towns’ share of this grant will be $2214.


1. Road Report

Update on 2006 Road Projects—Ed reported that he had spoke with Scott Construction regarding taking care a couple of patching spots on Fisher Road. The cost to repair would be between $1000 & $2000, Ed gave them the okay to complete the patchwork. The road work has begun. Scott Construction will be back in town to complete the project (Forest Ave Road) in the first part of September. The estimated extra cost of the bridge work on Forest Ave Road will be around $5000. Frank reported a couple spots of standing water on the newly done Triple Kay Road. The seal coating may take care of this but Ed will mention it to John Delmore of Scott Construction.

Ed recently attended the Town of Springvale’s town meeting. They asked him if the Town of Lamartine would consider painting centerlines on our portion of Forest Ave Road.

The culvert on Grandwood Road will be put in next week.

B. Property Clean up Updates

1. Treptow Property—N6345 Hillcrest Road—Dan Hanks from County Enforcement reported to Ed that the vehicle clean up is going slow. Dan will give the property owner one more month and if the property is not cleaned up they will send them another letter.

C. Update on the Town / Road Driveway Committee—Greg reported that the records search information received from Guaranty Title regarding the town gravel roads is in the hands of the Town attorney. The Town is waiting for a recommendation from him so the town can decide how to proceed.

D. Update on EMSAC Meeting—Frank reported that the City of Fond du Lac has not yet responded to North Fond du Lac’s (NFdL) request for an estimate on the cost of ambulance service. It does not look like NFdL will be going with the City. It will now have to be decided if they are going to advertise for a new Fire Chief / EMS Director. The next EMSAC meeting will be held at Town of Fond du Lac on 8/24/06 at 7:00 Pm.

E. Update on the recent meeting with the East Central Wisconsin Regional Plan Commission (RPC) and neighboring towns/villages & cities—Ed reported that the meeting was well attended. Eric Fowle, Director of RPC explained how RPC could help with the upcoming mandated Smart Growth Planning for all municipalities who wished to join and work together. The cost to the Town of Lamartine to join RPC will be pro rated for 2006 at $721.98. The membership fee for 2007 will be $2,200.29.

F. Update on well abandonment at Seven Mile Creek Park—The well has been abandoned at the park. The bill will be paid tonight at this meeting and when the town receives a paid receipt from the well drillers we can complete the necessary paperwork for partial reimbursement from the County.

G. Update on new fire sign installation—Greg reported that all new fire signs are up in the town. Some of the posts from the old signs were unable to be removed, so they will be coming around to cut off those posts in the near future.

H. Update on Onyx’s reply to the town’s request for them to send a letter to the town residents—Onyx will send letters to all town residents informing them that all garbage and recycling must be put in bags or the garbage haulers will not pick it up.


A. Appointing two alternate Board of Appeals members—Mike made a motion that Randy Kuik and Paul Dercks be appointed as alternate members to the Board of Appeals. Frank seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.


1. Moser property Certified Survey Map (CSM)—Frank made a motion seconded by Mike that the board approves of the signing of the Moser CSM. Motion carried 3-0.
2. NIMS Resolution—Frank made a motion that the Board adopts the NIMS Resolution. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

C. Resolution for approving a request for membership to the ECWRPC—Mike made a motion that the town approve and sign Resolution # M-81406 “Approving a request for membership to the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (RPC) for the membership fee discussed earlier in this meeting. Frank seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

4. Discussion regarding work to be done at the North Lamartine Cemetery (CTY Y)—Greg reported that work needs to be done at this cemetery; a tree needs to be removed and grave markers need to be repaired and straightened. The town will look into what needs to be done and the cost of doing it so numbers are ready for budget meetings this fall.

5. Approval to issue an operators license for Jim & Karen Kopf and Lori Grande—Frank made a motion to grant an operator’s licenses to Jim & Karen Kopf and Lori Grande. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.


Monthly checks and vouchers were offered for review and approval.

Frank made a motion to approve the August vouchers as presented. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Mike made a motion seconded by Frank to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 3-0.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Randall, Municipal Clerk



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