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August 31, 2012 Park Committee Meeting

MEETING MINUTES: August 20, 2012 6:30 p.m.

Background Information: The Lamartine Town Board received a letter from Town Resident Ken Nelson Jr. (the letter was not dated but was received by the Town approximately the last week of July), requesting to purchase a portion of Seven Mile Creek / Memorial Park land that is contiguous with property owned by the Nelson’s. The Town Board added this item to the August 13, 2012 Town Board meeting agenda for their discussion. At this meeting the Board directed the Park Committee to hold a Park Committee meeting to discuss the request and offer a recommendation to the Town Board at the September 10, 2012 Town Board meeting.
Monday 8/20/2012 Meeting Called to order at 6:36 by Harold Birschbach
Meeting Attendees (Park Committee Members):
Sandy Launders
Harold Birschbach
Deb Conger
Katie Deaver

Stephanie Babler joined after the meeting was adjourned for an update

Resident Ed Haney also was in attendance

Meeting Objective: Make a recommendation as to whether to sell a portion of the Lamartine Seven Mile Creek and Veterans Memorial Park to Ken Jr. and Heather Nelson as outlined in the handout attached below.

The handout of the proposal was reviewed by the park committee members attending.
Noted that the committee will be making a recommendation to the Lamartine Town Board, not a decision.
The committee was joined by Ken and Heather as we walked the survey lines bordering the park.
Ken reviewed his proposal and reasoning as outlined at the board meeting on Monday 8/13.
The committee then returned to the table to discuss.

Not to sell the property to the Nelsons and leave the park as is.
• There is no benefit to the Lamartine Township to sell the land.
• There has been a lot of work done by township members to get the park to its current state.
• There could be a loss of beautification to the park if a portion of the land was sold.

Recommended to adjourn at 7:12, Deb seconded, approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Katie Deaver

Filed in the Clerk’s office are the following documents related to this matter:
 Letter from Nelson
 Diagrams / maps of the park with the area Nelson’s are interested in purchasing highlighted
 Agreement between the DNR and the Town of Lamartine regarding the park property and the consequences of future sale of the property


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