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January 11, 2010 Town Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly Town Board Meeting
Minutes Dated: January 11, 2010

With all notices having been properly posted, Frank Bartzen, Chairman called the January meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:30 Pm.

Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Bruce Rhode and Treasurer Greg Michels were also in attendance at this meeting. Clerk Jill Randall was absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Frank then called for any corrections or additions in the December Board Meeting minutes. Mike made a motion to accept the December meeting minutes as presented. Bruce seconded the motion. Motion
carried 3-0.

Frank asked Greg to give the December Treasurer’s report. Frank inquired as to the amount of taxes collected so far this year as compared to last year. Greg stated that the collection amount was higher this year by about $100,000. The ending balance as of 12-31-09 is $1,319,774.61. Bruce moved to approve the Treasurer’s report as given. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Citizen Concerns: NONE

Rezoning Decision: Jason & Sandra Karst request rezoning of 7 acres of land from Agricultural to Residential. Public Hearing by Plan Commission (PC) was held December 16, 2009—Frank reported that the PC held a public hearing on this rezoning request on Dec. 16th. At this meeting the PC voted 4-1 to recommend that the Town Board grant this rezoning request. Discussion took place regarding this rezoning. Mike made a motion that the town approves this rezoning of 7 acres of land from Agricultural to Residential. Frank seconded the motion. Let the record show that three paper ballot votes were cast with the following results: Frank—YES, Mike—YES and Bruce—NO. The Town Board voted 2-1 to approve the rezoning request as described above.
Bruce seconded by Mike made a motion to destroy the ballots. Motion carried 3-0.

A. Road Report—Discussion took place regarding residents pushing snow on to the town roads. The first offense will be addressed via a letter from the Town Chairman and the police will be called for any further offenses. Frank reported that the Town roads look good.
B. Status of the Zoning Ordinance Update Process—The Plan Commission will meet on January 13, 2010 at 6:30 Pm at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room with Warren from M&E to go over unexpected changes that have occurred since the last meeting—Frank explained that the Town received a contract change order request from Martenson & Eisele (M&E) to complete the Zoning Ordinance updates. Warren Utecht the Town’s M&E consultant informed the town that the original proposal to rewrite the Zoning Ordinance to implement the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 91 changes were unknown. He spent an additional 20 hours in December making all of the changes that were required, based on the new Chapter 91 regulations. The other major cost factor that still needs to be done is the creation of a Base Farm Tract Map, which is mandated by the state. Due to this additional work Warren has sent a Change Order for Zoning Ordinance revisions to the Town in the amount of $2900.00. Mike and Bruce would like to talk to Warren about this change order at the Plan Commission meeting to be held on Wednesday, Jan. 13th, then a special town board meeting will be planned to vote on paying this additional $2900.00.
C. Town Community Room Charge for Use and Rental Agreement changes—Discussion took place regarding the new $50.00 donation fee request to be paid by town residents booking the community room for parties and other events and the $100.00 fee request for non residents. The verbiage in the current hall agreement that each person booking the hall must complete and sign needs to be updated to reflect these changes. Frank will have the clerk type up the suggested wording change and then ask the Town Attorney for his opinion on the modified document.

A. St. Stephen’s Church drainage concerns—Meeting date with Town, Church, adjacent property owners is set for February 20, 2010 at 10:00 Am at St Stephens’ Church—Frank and the Clerk will write a letter to the adjacent property owners letting them know of this upcoming meeting.
B. Appointing an alternate plan commission member—Frank spoke with Dan Wepner about serving as an alternate member on the plan commission to complete Tim Bell’s term. Dan will serve if appointed. Bruce made a motion that Dan Wepner be appointed as an alternate member of the Plan Commission. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.
C. Appointment of Plan Commission members (Kramer & Grade) three year terms beginning January 2010—Mike made a motion seconded by Bruce to reappoint Tom Kramer and Roger Grade as regular members of the Plan Commission. (Term will be from January 2010 to the second Monday in January 2013. Motion carried 3-0.

A. Discussion / decision—Responsible party for putting up Rezoning / Variance Request Pending signs—Mike will be responsible for putting up rezoning / variance signs announcing upcoming hearings.
B. Discussion / decision—Highway Restoration Ordinance—Discussion took place regarding the Town Highway Restoration Ordinance. This item was tabled until the February Board meeting.
C. Discussion / decision—UDC Building Inspections for 1 – 2 Family Homes—Frank explained that as of December 1, 2009 the state staff took over from the contracted inspection agency the enforcement of the Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) for new dwellings in the Town of Lamartine. The state provides UDC enforcement for the Town of Lamartine because we have not adopted the UDC for local enforcement, nor has Fond du Lac County. The scope of this enforcement will continue to be for new dwellings only and does not include alterations or additions to existing dwellings or installation of manufactured homes produced prior to April 1, 2007. Frank has been researching the Towns’ options and would like the board to consider J. & B. Inspections as the agency that the town would have do the UDC inspections mandated by the state. He offered a contract for services from J. & B. Inspections. The Town would be able to go back to the state inspections at any time. Bruce made a motion that the Town prepare and adopt the “Ordinance For Adoption of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code”. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0. Choosing an inspectors has been tabled to the February Town Board meeting.
D. Discussion / decision—County wide assessing--WI Dept of Revenue would like local assessing to be done by County—Frank explained that the State of WI Department of Revenue was proposing to change from municipal assessment to county assessment of real and personal property. The Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) was getting word out that this would not be good for the local governments and asked that any local governments that agree adopt a “Resolution to Oppose DOR County Assessment Proposal”. The WTA reported to the local government units that moving the assessment from the local and city level to the county will take away local control and increase costs to the taxpayers, property owners will lose the convenience of open book and board of review proceedings in their own municipality and will have to travel to the county, the DOR will provide little oversight over county assessment practices and no appeal rights to individual towns, cities and villages. (Please see copy (Attachment A) of this resolution in its entirety attached to these minutes. Mike moved to adopt the “Resolution to Oppose DOR County Assessment Proposal” and mail a copy to the state legislators. Frank seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Approving the monthly vouchers and checks
A. Approval from the Board for the Clerk and Treasurer to pay the January Settlement Payments—Mike seconded by Bruce moved to approve the monthly checks and vouchers and approve the Clerk and Treasurer to pay the January Settlement payments, the Town Visa Bill, the reimbursement to Patti Rhode and the Veolia Refuse bill. Motion carried 3-0.

With no further business to discuss, Bruce seconded by Mike made a motion to adjourn. Motion carried 3-0 and the meeting adjourned.

Minutes Taken & Reviewed By:

Greg Michels
Town Treasurer

Typed and Submitted By:

Jill Randall
Municipal Clerk


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