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January 14, 2019 January Town Board Meeting MInutes

Board Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2019

With all notices having been properly posted, Frank Bartzen, Chairman called the January meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room (LMBMR) at 7:00 pm. Also present at this meeting were Supervisors; Randy Kuik and Roger Grade, Treasurer, Greg Michels and Clerk; Jill Randall. Please see meeting sign in sheet for other attendees.

Pledge of allegiance was recited.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting(s)
December Board Meeting Minutes (12/8/2018) – Roger seconded by Randy moved to approve the December Town Board meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Treasurer’s Report – Greg read the December Treasurer’s report aloud. The ending balance as of 12/31/2018 was $1,724,274.48. Randy moved seconded by Roger to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Public Comment:
Question was addressed regarding when the recycling pick-up would start and with what side of the township.
Answer: Thursday, January 17, 2019 Side A would start the new recycling pick up in the township.

a. Road Report—The town is busy plowing snow, tree trimming, working on the clean up of the shop; power washing walls and floor.
i. Culvert Permit Report -- NONE
ii. Update on truck repairs –Oshkosh truck had a cylinder replacement taken care of.
iii. Update Vision Triangle @ Brown Road & Nelson Road – Mr. & Mrs. Janiak, who own the property where a concern has been received by the town for a partially blocked vision by foliage were in attendance. The Janiak’s are willing to sign an agreement with the town that they are willing to maintain this vision triangle by trimming up and continuing to keep the foliage trimmed back so there is no problem at this corner. Frank thanked the Janiak’s for working with the town on this matter.
b. Monthly Building Permit Report – NONE
c. Update on Hefty Sign legal matter- Frank and Pete have scheduled appointments to be disposed on this matter.
d. Update on Town Caucus held Saturday, January 12, 2019 @1:00 Pm at the Lamartine Municipal Building – All town offices received nominations for the current office holder with no competition; with the exception of a supervisor position that will have two names on the ballot. Incumbent Roger Grade and Travis Kloetzke are both seeking this position. The election will be held Tuesday, April 2, 2019.
e. Update on complaint regarding Pinno Road drainage—A lengthy discussion took place regarding the drainage on Pinno Road. Residents that live on this road want something done to keep this road from flooding out like it did last year. The DNR has been notified of this water problem. Discussion topics: Seven Mile Creek needs to be clean out as well as some ditches. The town can not clean out or do work on private property. Several town residents want the town to be behind them in getting the DNR to help solve this matter. The Town is not walking away from this problem. It was stated that the DNR recommended that Pinno Road be moved by a field entrance on Janet Williams family’s property. The DNR did not actually address getting rid of the water just moving the road. Janet Williams made a formal statement that her and her family would not allow the road (Pinno) to be relocated on their property. The DNR has asked if they could use the townhall to hold a meeting regarding this matter (two dates at the end of January or Feb. 7, 2019 were being considered for possible meeting dates). Please call Frank Bartzen, Town Chairman at 920-922-8140 to inquire is a meeting date has been set. This is a DNR hosted meeting, not a town meeting but, the town assumes the meeting is opened to the public.

a. Update on N6891 Hageman Road junk issue. Randy moved seconded by Roger to send the town attorney a copy of the junk ordinance to see if it has teeth and the Town of Lamartine sets the perimeters as to when certain items or areas have to be done for the clean-up of this property. Motion carried 3-0.
b. Update on Possible Deed Back of Foss Road – Frank asked for a motion from the board to move forward with the vacation of this road. The town has not heard anything back from the property owner regarding the road going back to them from the town. Roger moved seconded by Randy to proceed with the vacating of Foss Road; the town will maintain it until April 1, 2019 per the letter to the property owner(s) dated Nov. 27, 2018. Motion carried 3-0.

a. Discussion – Request from Town Resident – Would like the town board to look at East Lamartine Drive, old highway is heaving…please do something about this! The board looked at this road and agrees there are problems. This item will be on the spring agenda.
b. Discussion – Lamartine’s turn to host March 7, 2019 WI Towns Association Fond du Lac County quarterly meeting. Discuss food and beverages – Greg & Jill will handle the planning of this meeting refreshments. The board will supply bars / cookies for dessert.
c. Board Action – Operator’s License applications for Jessica Stark and Jeffrey Moon – The Clerk reported that there was nothing found on the background reports of either Moon or Stark. Randy moved seconded by Roger to approve granting operator licenses to both Jessica Stark and Jeffrey Moon. Motion carried 3-0.

Approval of Monthly Vouchers & Checks – Randy seconded by Roger moved to approve the vouchers presented for payment. Motion carried 3-0.

Adjournment – Frank seconded by Roger moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at
9:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall
Municipal Clerk

Included with these minutes: Attendance Sign in Sheet


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