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July 21, 2009 Town of Lamartine Public Hearing Comprehensive Plan Adoption

Town of Lamartine
Public Hearting
RE: Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Adoption
July 21, 2009 at 7:00 PM
Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room (LMBMR)

With all notices having been properly posted, Chairman Frank Bartzen called the meeting to order. Also present at this meeting were Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Bruce Rhode, Clerk Jill Randall and Treasurer Greg Michels. There were 49 people signed in on the attendance sheet at this meeting. Plan Commission (PC) members attending this meeting were: PC Chairman Jim Reitzner, Dean Birschbach, Glenn Becker, Roger Grade, Tom Kramer, Carol Kinyon & Tim Bell.

Frank explained that the reason for this public hearing was to receive public comment on the proposed Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan. He asked that anyone wishing to make comments please stand and state their name and address, keep all comments concise. He then turned the meeting over to Warren Utecht from Martenson & Eisele the consulting agency hired by the town to help write the Towns Comprehensive Plan (Smart Growth Plan).

Warren gave a brief summary of how the Comprehensive Plan (Plan) began with the State of WI mandating that all townships must write Comprehensive (Smart Growth) Plans addressing nine (9) specific elements by January 1, 2010. The nine elements that must be addressed by the town are:
1. Land Use
2. Implementation
3. Issues and Opportunities
4. Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources
5. Transportation
6. Housing
7. Utilities and Community Facilities
8. Economic Development
9. Intergovernmental Cooperation
The town must write the Plan and implement it. The Plan must be used for all land use decisions. Warren noted that the first fifteen pages of the Plan are critical; dealing with how to preserve farmland and still have some growth. The decision has been made to preserve land in the western part of the township for low density residential. The township was mapped out in different agricultural areas to allow different size operations (animal units). The Comprehensive Planning process is trying to develop how the town will look in the future. Warren stated that he felt the Town of Lamartine has made a more consistent effort than any other township in making the residents aware of the planning meetings by write ups in the newsletter and sending out postcards to all homes notifying everyone of the meeting dates and times.

The Town of Lamartine began writing this Plan with M&E about a year ago. The Plan Commission has held many meetings and has recommended to the Town Board the draft presented here tonight be adopted.

Warren then opened the meeting for public comment:

Bill KinyonN5771 CTH CComment that it was not good Ag land over on set aside land

Bruce PrahlW7471 East Lamartine DriveInquired if any investigation had been done on the impact to the water supply and sewage when concentrating the population in one area. Warren stated that to his knowledge no it has not been investigated and it could become a concern.

Mike SuprenandW8027 CTH Y (Board Supervisor)Asked if the town should consider raising the minimum lot size in the town from one acre to one and a half acre. Warren said that this could be discussed. The state does not give any type of recommendation on lot size.

Roger SearlW7563 Brown RoadCommented that the city of Fond du Lac said that they would not be tapping in to our water source.

Greg MichelsN6369 CTH YAsked if the two agricultural designated areas in the western part of the township are the AG51 standard. Warren said yes it is. Greg than asked if that would require a special use permit (SUP). Warren answered that he thought so but will research it.

Warren stated that he is also working on updating the Town of Lamartine Zoning Code. The state is making some new changes and DATCP is working on procedures, so he is holding off a bit to see if there are any changes in the farmland credits. A meeting should be scheduled in late August for the Town Plan Commission to review the changes Warren has made or needs to make in the zoning code.

Ed HaneyW7604 Forest Avenue RoadAsked what the term Open Land actually referred to on the map, he felt the term led a person to think that it was land just sitting there with no farming or anything taking place. Warren stated that East Central WI Regional Plan Commission did the base mapping and the term was the best they had available, but it does not mean that the land is not being farmed.

Warren noted that the town would be looking at setting density standards in the updated zoning code. This would allow some building to occur in the town but not too much.

Mike ArrowoodW7859 East Clark RoadInquired about some of the Intensive Agricultural area being very low and wet and asked why this would be included in the Intensive Ag area when obviously farming would not work well in that area. Warren stated that the lines on the map are just divisions on the land use map, it does not mean that all the land in that area is good for that particular use. There is no category for temporary or occasional areas that flood.

Greg MichelsN6369 CTH YAsked for clarification on the rural district zoning. Warren explained that the Comprehensive plan is a general statement of issues raised by the town. The Zoning Ordinance is what the town uses to govern zoning issues. He further stated that the town is in a transition right now, we have the comprehensive plan now we need to implement the language to make it happen which is the zoning code.

Patrick MaddenAttorney for a landowner in the townshipAsked if there was a draft of the zoning code to see at this meeting. Warren explained that he is in the process of working on some needed changes and the town plan commission has not seen them yet. In the near future the plan commission will hold a meeting regarding the zoning code changes that will be opened to the public to come and listen.

Gil HietpasN5724 Nelson RoadAsked what changes could take place in the shaded Ag areas on the map. Warren pointed out page 8 of the Comprehensive Plan under Land Use. Please note: A copy of the Adopted Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan can be seen in the Clerks office or on the Town website at:

Mike SuprenandW8027 CTH Y (Board Supervisor)Asked to return to Gregs earlier question about the towns current zoning Rural District and inquired if the town will still have this type of zoning. Warren stated that no things will change and the zoning code updates will reflect these changes.

There were no more comments to be made.

Warren explained that he recently had a phone conversation with Henry Schneider, who was wondering if some of his land could be marked as future residential land. They are smaller pieces that are hard to farm. Discussion took place as to these lands being added to the future land use map as potential residential area.

Harold Birschbach also asked about 10 acres of his land that is hard to farm and near other homes.

The Plan Commission felt that the addition of both the Schneider and the Birschbach land being added as future residential was consistent with the future desire plan and could be added to the future land use map as residential. This land will still have to go through the rezoning process.

Tom KramerW7473 Westbrook LaneStated that looking at the Future Land Use Map can be confusing as this is just a tool for the town to use for land use decisions. The Town Zoning Map is the true picture of the actual or current zoning in the township.

Bill KinyonN5771 CTH CExplained that he had six (6) acres of land in the dark brown area (Intensive Agriculture) on the Plans Land Use Map. He asked if there was any chance he could ever rezone a couple of those acres. Warren said there would be several tools, i.e., density map etc to use to rezone.

Carol KinyonN5771 CTH CStated that people need to understand that the land on the Land Use Map earmarked for future residential land still has to go through the rezoning process before building can occur on this property.

Patrick MaddenAttorney for a landowner in the townshipAsked what the yellow areas on the Land Use Plan Map meant. Warren stated that a rezoning request on these yellow areas would be a hard case to turn down for a rezoning.

Roger Searl seconded by Greg Michels made a motion to close the Public Hearing. Motion carried.

Chairman Frank Bartzen read aloud An Ordinance Approving And Adopting the Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan 2009-2029. Please see Attachment A of these minutes.

The board thanked everyone for their hard work on the Comprehensive Plan especially Warren and the Plan Commission.

Bruce Rhode made a motion to approve the Ordinance Approving And Adopting the Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan 2009-2029, contingent upon the minor adjustments talked about tonight at this meeting. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

With no further business to discuss, Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Frank seconded the motion. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:05 Pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall, Clerk

Included with these minutes:
1. Attachment A: An Ordinance Approving And Adopting the Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan 2009-2029
2. Meeting attendance sheet

Please note: A copy of the Adopted Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan can be seen in the Clerks office or on the Town website at: www.townoflamartine.com .


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