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March 22, 2005 Special Town Board Meeting

Town of Lamartine
Town Board Special Meeting
March 22, 2005
5:00 Pm

Present at this meeting were Chairman Ed Montsma, Supervisors—Mike Suprenand, and Frank Bartzen, Clerk—Jill Randall.

With all notices having been properly posted, Ed called this Special Town Board Meeting to order stating that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss and decide the following issues:

1. Issuing a building permit for construction of a new home in Woodland Estates
2. Reviewing and possibly approving a final draft of the Town Developers Agreement.
3. Posting weight limits for spring on the Town Roads.

Ed explained that a request was made for a building permit to begin construction of a spec-home on lot #22 of the subdivision (Woodland Estates).

A letter dated March 16, 2005 from Lynn Mathias, County Conservationist to Chairman Montsma stated that Ron Cunzenheim of REC Engineering, LLC requested that the county grant a variance to the requirement to have all Stormwater management practices installed in the sub-division before any other land disturbing activities began for the building of homes. Mr. Mathias further stated that he had reviewed the final Stormwater management construction plans and he saw no reason why this variance could not be granted if the Township wished to grant the building permit. He noted a small Stormwater management structure that services lot 22 and a small portion of lot 21. He felt that this structure could be installed soon and there would be no significant impact to adjoining lots, especially if silt fencing were installed prior to earth moving. Mr. Mathias had no problem with the Town issuing a building permit on lot 22, but no other building permits should be issued until the Stormwater management and erosion control practices are installed, seeded and certified as being installed according to specifications.

Discussion took place regarding this issue. Frank made a motion to accept Lynn Mathias’ recommendation to allow building on Lot 22. Ed seconded the motion. Motion carried. 2-1 Ed—YES, Frank—YES, Mike—NO.

Discussion took place regarding the new Town Developers Agreement. The verbiage on the bottom of Exhibit “B” would be deleted. The developer would be responsible for paying for a coring sample of the road to make sure it was built to specs. Attorney Gary Sharpe will clean up the Developers Agreement and get back to the Town.

Post Weight Limits—Frank made a motion to have the township road supervisor post the road for weight limits. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

With no further business to discuss, Frank made a motion to adjourn. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Randall, Municipal Clerk



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