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May 10, 2011 2011 Board of Review Minutes

May 10, 2011
5:00-7:00 PM

With all proper posting and publishing having been met, the 2011 Board of Review was called to order by Frank Bartzen, Chairman at 5:00 Pm in the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room.

Present at this Board of Review Meeting were Board of Review members; Frank Bartzen, Mike Suprenand, Bruce Rhode, Greg Michels, Jill Randall, Board of Review Clerk and Town Assessors Joel Ryan and William Kiekhaefer.

The Clerk announced that there was a 5:30 Pm appointment scheduled for the Board of Review.

The Assessor’s Affidavit was signed by the Town Assessors, Joel Ryan and William Kiekhaefer and Clerk, Jill Randall.

5:30 Pm—Henry & Sharon Schneider, who reside at N6221 CTH Y, Fond du Lac, WI were at Board of Review to contest the assessment on another property they recently purchased located at N5533 CTH Y, Fond du Lac, WI. The Schneider’s contacted the Town Clerk early this morning and inquired as to what they had to do to discuss their property assessment at this evening’s board of review hearing. The Clerk gave them an Objection of Property Assessment form asked them to complete it and bring it to this meeting at 5:30 Pm. The assessors were notified that the Schneider’s would like to contest the assessment of this property.
Mr. & Mrs. Schneider did not file an “Objection to Property Assessment” form on a timely basis.
Mike made a motion seconded by Bruce to waive the requirement that a notice of intent to file an Objection to Property Assessment be filed with the Board of Review Clerk 48 hours prior to the first scheduled meeting of the Board of Review. Motion carried 5-0.

The Clerk swore in Henry & Sharon Schneider and Joel Ryan and William Kiekhaefer.

Property #: Land: Improvements: Total Assessment:
T12-15-16-27-03-002-00 22,000 98,000 120,000

Chairman Frank Bartzen asked the Schneider’s to present their case. Henry explained that they had purchased this property at the end of December 2010 for $42,000. They described the condition of the property as very poor and in need of several major repairs. In 2011 they had put in new windows, new bathroom, new insulation, etc. The estimated cost of the work done so far was around $20,000. The Schneider’s became aware of the Board of Review hearing, when it was scheduled and what its function was at the Town Board meeting the previous night. They never received a “Notice of Change in Assessment” and after thinking about it overnight, decided they would come and discuss this property at the BOR. Mr. & Mrs. Schneider felt that the assessment on this property was too high based on the condition of the property at the time they purchased it at a cost of $78,000 lower than the assessed value.
Frank asked assessors Ryan and Kiekhaefer to present their case. Mr. Kiekhaefer stated that they contacted the Schneider’s and walked thru the home with them. They have tagged this property card to be looked at next year. The assessors agree that the assessed value of this property is too high, as it is in poor shape and needs many repairs.

Frank closed the testimony portion of this hearing and announced that the Board of Review would now deliberate in open session.

Board of Review Decision:

Mike move that, exercising its judgment and discretion, pursuant to Section 70.47(9)(a), Wis. Stats. the Board of Review, by majority and roll call vote, hereby determines that the Assessor’s valuation is incorrect; that the taxpayer has presented sufficient evidence to rebut the presumption of correctness granted by law to the assessor; that the taxpayer’s valuation is reasonable in light of the relevant evidence; and hereby set the new assessment at:
Land: $22,000
Improvements: $43,000
Total: $65,000
Bruce Rhode seconded this motion. The Roll call vote is as follows:
Frank Bartzen YES
Mike Suprenand YES
Bruce Rhode YES
Greg Michels YES
Jill Randall YES

Please see Attachment “A” Findings of Fact, Determinations and Decision for more details.

Frank thanked Mr. and Mrs. Schneider for coming.

The Clerk filled out form PR-302 “Notice of Board of Review Determination (Copy of which is attached to these minutes) and hand delivered it to Mr. and Mrs. Schneider before they left the Board of Review Hearing.

With the time being 7:00 PM Frank Bartzen, Chairman announced that the Board of Review would adjourn. Greg Michels made the motion seconded by Bruce Rhode to adjourn the 2011 Board of Review. Motion carried 5-0.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall
Board of Review Clerk

Attachments to these minutes:
 Attachment “A” - Findings of Fact, Determinations and Decision
 Form PR-302 “Notice of Board of Review Determination”


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