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May 6, 2009 Plan Commission Smart Growth Meeting

Town of Lamartine
Plan Commission Meeting
RE: Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning
May 6, 2009 at 7:00 PM
Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room (LMBMR)

With all notices having been properly posted, Jim Reitzner, Plan Commission Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 Pm at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room. Other Plan Commission (PC) members present at this meeting were Tom Kramer, Glenn Becker, Roger Grade and Dean Birschbach. Alternate PC members Carol Kinyon and Tim Bell were present in the audience. There were 10 people signed in on the attendance sheet at this meeting.

Jim explained that the first order of business was to discuss the Plan Commissions approval for the Town Board to sign the proposal to hire Martenson & Eisele (M & E) to update the Town Zoning Code. Tom Kramer seconded by Roger Grade made a motion that the Town Board signs the proposal to hire M & E to update the Town of Lamartine Zoning Code. Motion carried 5-0.

Warren Utecht announced that this would be the final review of the Land Use Plan and Implementation element of the draft Comprehensive Plan. He discussed the Land Use Plan vs. the Land Use Map. The map shows current land use not zoning. When the Board adopts the Plan, they will not be adopting new zoning anyone who wishes to have their property a different zoning classification will have to request a rezoning hearing and attend the public hearing. There will be a procedure in place to change the Land Use Plan.

It was decided at the last meeting that instead of three land uses we would have four.
1. Ag Transition (light beige color on the map)
2. East to West Moderate Ag (a bit darker beige color on the map)
3. Concentrated Ag land
4. Intensive Ag Land (more than 1000 Animal Units-with Special Use Permit)
Warren stressed that the Comprehensive (Smart Growth) Plan is a guide for zoning ordinance amendments. The Plan is not a zoning code.
A density map will be created. The density map will dictate how many residences would be allowed in each land use section.

Final review and comments on any other elements of the Plan. Warren streamlined the Goals & Objectives of the plan. He asked the PC if they had any comments. Warren stated that up until the public hearing the following can be changed in the plan;
1. Adjust map linesIt has been proposed to move the boundary line over to accommodate Fords Dairy expansion. It has also been proposed to add residential land to be created on Forest Avenue Road (Haney Property).
2. Change verbiage

Warren will review and revise language of existing land use plan. Jim asked if there were any other changes.
Tom Kramer asked for an explanation of the buffers and setbacks.
Frank Bartzen in formed the PC that the DOT in their 20/30 Plan has informed the Town that in years to come there will be no at grade access to STH 151. Eventually CTH TC will be a full-blown interchange.

Discussion took place regarding the Haney request to add their land as residential in the 20-year plan Low Density Residential. Jim asked if there was a procedure to make this change. Zoning process still has to take place but Warren added that the PC changing this may be indicating that they would possibly approve this land being platted.

Frank reported that there is a plan to put a ten-acre power station by Townline Road & STH 23. It will be located on the Lamartine side at the north end of the property; only 2-3 acres would actually be used for the sub station. Warren would like the map and any other information that Frank has to put the info in the Comprehensive Plan.

Dean Birschbach made a motion to include Haneys requested parcel of land (17 acres west of the field) be include as low density residential in the 20 year land use plan. Glenn Becker seconded the motion. Motion carried 4 to 1. Tom KramerVoted NO, Dean Birschbach, Jim Reitzner, Glenn Becker and Roger GradeVoted YES.

Warren showed on the map moving the line west on the map to accommodate Pine Drive Dairy in the intensive ag section. Glenn seconded by Roger moved to approve this boundary change. The motion carried 5-0.

Roger commented that he felt uncomfortable with the property on Fisher Road and Highway 23 (Gupta Property) now being on the map as low density residential. Warren stated that the PC should remember that when people come for rezonings they can be reminded that the town has made allowances as to where they are designating the growth to be in the township.

Warren read aloud the Resolution Recommending Adoption of the Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan 2009-2029 (Attachment A). Any changes made tonight will be added to the plan. There could be more changes at the public hearing. Dean made a motion to recommend adoption of the Town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan. Tom Kramer seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.

With no more business to discuss, Glenn moved to adjourn the meeting. Roger seconded the motion. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall, Clerk

*Included with these minutes is:
Attachment A (Resolution Recommending Adoption of the town of Lamartine Comprehensive Plan 2009-2029)
Attendance Sign in Sheet




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