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November 14, 2016 November Town Board, Public Budget Hearing & Special Town Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2016

With all notices having been properly posted, Frank Bartzen, Chairman called the November meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room (LMBMR) at 7:00 pm. Also present at this meeting were Supervisors; Bruce Rhode and Roger Grade, Treasurer, Greg Michels and Clerk; Jill Randall. Please see meeting sign in sheet for other attendees.

Pledge of allegiance was recited.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting(s)
a. October Board Meeting Minutes (10/3/16)—Bruce seconded by Roger moved to approve the October minutes as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Treasurer’s Report—Greg explained that he would read the treasurer’s report but there would be no approval of the report. The treasure and clerk agreed it was time to void two checks from 2015. The checks totaling $13.00 were voided by both offices and now the clerk and treasure books are out of balance $13.00. Therefore the Treasurer / Clerk Summary for October 2016 is out of balance and cannot be approved until it is decided how to handle the voided checks so books are in balance. Greg read the report aloud noting that the ending balance of $349,046.03 was correct and would remain this amount.

Public Comment: NONE

a. Road Report—Frank reported that Rich is done with the mowing. The Town continues to look for a back- up driver for snow plowing. The equipment is ready to go for winter. The Town recently had a sign inventory done by East Central Wisconsin Regional Plan Commission (ECWRPC). The inventory revealed 109 signs in the township fail to meet the minimum standards of reflectivity, etc. There are almost 600 signs in the township.
i. Culvert Permit Report—There are no culvert permits
b. Monthly Building Permit Report—Frank read aloud three building permits issued this past month.
c. Update on the Board’s attendance at the WTA Annual Convention in Stevens Point—October 2016.
d. Update on archiving Town materials. Frank reported that the vault has been cleaned out and now the stored records are more manageable. The Town by state statute is required to keep all tax rolls forever. These books take up a huge amount of space. The Fond du Lac Historical Society (HS) stores items like these in a climate controlled setting that people have access to but cannot remove from the premises. The Town decided to store most of the old tax rolls at the Historical Society. The items taken to the HS have been marked as property of Town of Lamartine, the name & year of the book. There is a matching spreadsheet of all items with the same information recorded so anyone that is looking for one of these items can be directed to the HS.
e. November 8, 2016 Election Results—The Clerk read the results aloud noting that in the Town of Lamartine the Republican’s received the majority of the votes. Summary of the results: 1025 voters, 113 absentee voters. Please see the election results tape kept with these minutes for more information.

a. Set Meeting Date to review & draft changes in the Access Control Ordinance—Monday, November 28, 2016 at 5:30 Pm a Special Town Board Meeting will be held to make changes to the Access Control Ordinance. The meeting will be held at the LMBMR. The Public is welcome to attend.


With the time being 7:30 Pm, Bruce seconded by Roger moved to recess the Monthly Town Board Meeting and proceed into the Budget Hearing and the Special Town Meeting. Motion carried 3-0. With all notices having been properly published and posted, Frank Bartzen, Chairman of the Town of Lamartine, called the 2016 Budget Hearing Meeting to order, per Section 60.40(3) of the Wisconsin State Statues.

The proposed 2017 Budget of the Town of Lamartine was read aloud by Treasurer Greg Michels. Please see Attachment “A”—“Summary of Proposed 2017 Budget”. Discussion took place. The annual garbage and recycling charge per household will stay the same this year at $150.00. Frank asked if there were any questions. Hearing none, Greg Michels made a motion to adjourn the Budget Hearing and proceed to the Special Town Meeting. Frank Bartzen seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Approving the 2017 highway expenditures pursuant to Section 82.03(2) of Wisconsin Statutes—Frank called for a motion to approve the 2017 highway expenditures at $340,400.00. Jill Randall made a motion seconded by Bruce Rhode to approve the 2017 highway expenditures. Motion carried unanimously.

Setting the compensation of the elected town officials for the term of office beginning April 19, 2017 through
April 16, 2019. Roger Grade moved to approve setting the compensation of the elected town officials at an increase of $1000 for the clerk’s office, $500 increase for each of the chairman and treasurer’s positions and an increase of $250 for each of the town supervisor positions. Greg Michels seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Adopting the 2016 tax levy to be paid in 2017 pursuant to Section 60.01(1)(a) of Wisconsin Statutes—Frank called for a motion to adopt the 2016 town tax levy payable in 2017 at $465,250.00. Jill Randall seconded by Greg Michels moved to adopt the town tax levy at $465,250.00. Motion carried unanimously.

Frank, with all business having been completed, called for a motion to adjourn the Special Town Meeting. Roger Grade seconded by Bruce Rhode moved to adjourn the special town meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Frank called the regular Town Board meeting back to order. The first order of business; being to call for a motion to adopt the final budget for 2017 (See Attachment “A”) as presented, per Wisconsin State Statute 60.04(4), thus setting the Local Tax Levy at $465,250.00. Roger made a motion to adopt the 2017 budget as presented. Frank seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Town Board Meeting Continues where it left off…
b. Update of Thomaswood Court driveway paving matter; Attorney / Town Resident Correspondence--Discussion took place regarding the paving matter at N5382 Thomaswood Court where a property owner paved the driveway with concrete to the point of abutting the town road. The ordinance states that “pavement of a driveway access shall consist of blacktop or compacted gravel. (Concrete shall not be allowed).” The definition of ACCESS in the ordinance is: “Connection point for a private driveway or other public road to Town of Lamartine Road (TLR).” The Town Attorney had notified the property owner of the violation and the fine of $200.00 per day for each day the violation continues. The property owner does not feel that the ordinance is clear on how far away from the road the concrete needs to be. The property owner has removed undetermined inches of concrete and feels that he is no longer in violation. The Towns’ position is that the concrete needs to be removed approximately 15-feet back toward the property line which is the “access” that is to be blacktop or compacted gravel only. Frank further informed the board that the property owner was personally informed of this requirement before he concreted his driveway, by himself and the town building permit issuer when he applied for a building permit to concrete his driveway. Roger moved to table this matter with no further penalties being imposed on the property owner from this day November 14, 2016 until this matter comes before the town board for a vote on how to proceed. Bruce seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.
c. Update of Heimrich Road project—Frank stated that the Towns’ of Eldorado and Lamartine still need to get together for a public hearing regarding placement of gates to close Heimrich Road over the winter months. The state will not order the gate(s) until the public hearing is held and it is approved. Lamartine is waiting for Eldorado on this matter.

a. Board Action— Implements of Husbandry Ordinance Adoption for 2017 (This ordinance will supersede the IOH Ordinance R-101215)—Bruce moved to adopt the 2017 IOH Ordinance R-111416 which will supersede last year’s ordinance (same language) R-101215. Frank seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.
b. Board Action—Operator’s License for Mallory Rabe (Halfway House). The clerk reported that the background check revealed no problems. Bruce moved seconded by Roger to approve issuing Mallory Rabe an operator’s license for the 2016-2017 license period. Motion carried 3-0.
c. Discussion possible Board Action regarding billboard construction / placement on State Road 23—Frank reported that a building permit was issued for the construction of a billboard and placement of it on State Road 23, without a sign permit being applied for. This matter was discussed. Frank moved to table this item until the board has more information. Bruce seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Approval of Monthly Vouchers & Checks—Bruce moved seconded by Roger that the board approve the checks and vouchers as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Closed Session Meeting:
Roger moved seconded by Frank to convene in closed session stating; Town Board intends to convene into closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(g) for the purpose of conferring with legal counsel for the Town who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted in litigation in which the Town is or is likely to become involved. In the closed session, the Town Board will discuss ordinance enforcement actions.

Closed Session Meeting: Minutes will not be published or be a public record.

Bruce moved seconded by Roger to recess the closed session meeting and reconvene in open session.
Motion carried 3-0.

OPEN SESSION-- Town Board meeting: Roger moved seconded by Bruce to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 10:50 Pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Jill Randall
Municipal Clerk

Included with these minutes: Attendance Sign in Sheet
Attachment “A” Summary of Proposed 2017 Budget
Election Results Tape – November 8, 2016


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