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October 1, 2008 Plan Commission Animal Siting Ordinance Mtg 8/27/2008

Town of Lamartine
Plan Commission Public Hearing
Zoning Ordinance Amendments for Livestock Siting (ATCP 51)
August 27, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room

Present at this meeting were Jim Reitzner, Dean Birschbach, Roger Grade & Chris Newton.

With all notices having been properly posted, PC Chairman Jim Reitzner called the meeting to order. He announced that the purpose of this meeting was to receive public comment regarding the newly drafted Town Zoning Ordinance Amendments for Livestock Siting—(Dated July 15, 2008). Please see “Attachment A” for a copy of this document). He asked that anyone wishing to comment needed to state their name and full address for the record.

Chairman Reitzner then introduced Eric Fowle of East Central WI Regional Plan Commission (ECWRPC). Eric stated that there would be no debate at this public hearing. Anyone wishing to comment should state if they were for or against the newly drafted zoning ordinance amendments. He further noted that a couple of things needed to be cleared up so the ACTP 51 was consistent with the Land Preservation Plan. The Town of Lamartine Attorney reviewed the ordinance.
Three letters were received by the Town of Lamartine, which will be read for the record later on at this hearing. Eric suggested that given the nature of the written comments and some revisions that need to be done on the ordinance and map the Plan Commission would likely table any decision for tonight and take a look at revised material when drafted. Eric further stated that DATCP suggested that the ordinance not be adopted until after the first of the year due to tax breaks received for the Preservation Plan.

Chairman Reitzner asked Frank Bartzen, Town Chairman to read for the record the letter he received from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) dated August 22, 2008. In summary the letter stated that in DATCP’s opinion the proposed revisions to the Towns’ exclusive agricultural zoning ordinance text and map do not meet the statutory standards in Chapter 91, Stats,; and that they would not be able to certify these proposed revisions for the purpose of the farmland preservation program. One of the major concerns is that the ordinance does not meet the statutory requirement that the zoning ordinance text and map be consistent with the certified agricultural preservation plan text and map for Fond du Lac County. The letter went on to further detail what areas were not consistent. A copy of this letter is attached to these minutes as “Attachment B”.

Chairman Reitzner then announced for the record that a letter was received from the Dairy Business Association (dba) dated August 25, 2008. The dba objected to the proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments for Livestock Siting. The dba urged the Plan Commission to reject the Findings of Fact and to rescind its approval of the Draft Ordinance. Please see Attachment C for a copy of this letter.

Also read into the record was a letter from Town Resident and property owner Donald Rhode. The letter dated August 23, 2008 requested that his entire farm remain under the A-1 Exclusive Agricultural District zoning. He did not want a section of his farm to be zoned Agricultural Enterprise (A-1E). Please see Attachment D for a copy of this letter.

Chairman Reitzner opened the meeting for public comment:

Laura Arrowood, N7859 East Clark Road spoke against large dairy farms in the township.

Ken, Calumet County, Chilton-dba, spoke against portions of the ordinance.

Mike Suprenand, W8027 CTH Y, Town of Lamartine Supervisor commented that months ago the town decided options on which way to go, lands were identified to be designated for large animal unit operations, but he now wondered if that should go back to the state handling it. Jim Reitzner, Plan Commission Chairman stated that the land use put on paper was the only way the town can start planning where the town wants things.

Mike Arrowood, N7859 East Clark Road spoke in favor of the ordinance.

Gary ?-N5119 Cty Road K in the Town of Empire—Spoke against the zoning ordinance.

Duane Boelk, Town of Rosendale—owns two parcels of land in the Town of Lamartine spoke against the ordinance.

Dean Birschbach, Plan Commission member spoke in favor of the ordinance. He stated that a lot of thought has gone into this plan, no one is being singled out.

Mike Wehler, Sauk City spoke against the ordinance for WI Pork Association, the WI Farm Bureau, the WI Cattleman’s Association, the WI Federation of Coops, the WI Cheese Makers Assoc., and the WI Agri Business Council. He urged the Town to look at the local options that can be adopted by the township, because if this is passed it will hurt the entire state.

Frank Bartzen, Town Chairman stated that the Town was not trying to keep Ag or dairies out of the township, the town just wants to put them where they make sense.

Helen Haney, W7604 Forest Avenue Road, Fond du Lac—Spoke in favor of the ordinance.

John Reedinger, W722 Cemetery Road, Van Dyne—Spoke against the ordinance.

Peggy Derecks, Dairy Business Association Communications Director stated that she was here representing Laurie Fischer, dba Executive Director to read the letter dated August 25, 2008. A copy of this letter can be found attached to these minutes as Attachment C.

Karen Madigan, W510 Small Road, Town of Springvale spoke in favor of the ordinance.

With no further comments to be heard, Chris Newton made a motion seconded by Roger Grade to table any further action until the Plan Commission could meet to review the ordinance. Motion carried 4-0

Roger Grade seconded by Dean Birschbach made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 4-0. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 Pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Randall
Municipal Clerk

NOTE: These minutes also include the following:
Attachment A—Draft Zoning Ordinance Amendments for Livestock Siting (ACTP51) Dated July 15, 2008
Attachment B—Letter from Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Dated Aug. 22, 2008
Attachment C—Letter from Dairy Business Association Dated August 25, 2008
Attachment D—Letter from Donald Rhode Dated August 23, 2008
Attendance Sheet


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