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September 12, 2005 Town Board Meeting Minutes

Town Board Meeting Minutes
Dated: September 12, 2005

With all notices having been properly posted, Ed Montsma, Chairman called the September board meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:30 Pm. Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Frank Bartzen were also in attendance at this meeting.

Ed led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ed asked for any corrections or additions in the August Town Board Meeting minutes. Frank made a motion to approve the August minutes as presented. Mike seconded this motion. Motion carried 3-0.

Ed invited Greg to read the August Treasurer’s report. Greg read the Treasurer’s report aloud. The ending balance as of 8-31-05 was $426,222.09. Mike seconded by Frank made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried 3-0.


Larry Conger asked the Town Board to place stop signs on both ends of Treptow Lane. The Board said the signs will be ordered. Larry also requested that road name signs be placed on the corner of Forest Ave Road and Treptow Lane. Larry said that he would pay for the signs and the post. The Town Board will take care of these road name signs with no cost to Congers as this is standard procedure for the town.

A question regarding the town ordering fire signs was addressed. New style fire signs have been ordered for all new construction. A number of these fire signs have not been installed as the town has been waiting for months to receive the posts to hang them on. Decker Supply reports that they have been shipped so hopefully they will be installed soon.

A concern was addressed as to the 55 MPH speed limit on Fisher Road. People are speeding on this road. Ed has contact the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department for extra patrolling on Fisher Road.


Greg Bodart request to rezone approximately 10 acres of land from Agricultural to Residential. Plan Commission Member Dean Birschbach reported that the Plan Commission at a hearing held earlier this same evening voted unanimously to recommend denying this rezoning to the Town Board. He further stated that the reasons for recommending the denying of this rezoning was based on the TOWN OF LAMARTINE ZONING ORDINANCE 7.6 Standards for rezoning; numbers 3, 5, 6 and 7. Discussion took place regarding this rezoning. Frank made a motion to accept the Plan Commissions recommendation using the same reasons for denial. Mike seconded the motion. Ed stated that a YES vote would mean that the rezoning was denied. Let the record show that three paper ballots were cast with the following results: Ed—YES, Mike—YES and Frank—YES. The Town Board voted unanimously to deny the rezoning request to rezone 10 acres from Agricultural to Residential. The follow reasons were offered for denying this rezoning.

From the TOWN OF LAMARTINE Zoning Ordinance Pages 27 & 28

70.6 Standards for Rezoning:

2. The land is suitable for development.

5. The potential for conflict with remaining agricultural uses in the area.
6. The need of the proposed development location in an agricultural area.
7. The availability of alternative locations.

Ä For further details of this rezoning please see the Bodart Rezoning Hearing Minutes Dated: 9/12/05 6:00 PM.

Ed and Helen Haney request to rezone approximately 31.53 acres of land and would like to rezone approximately 11.25 acres east of the Fond du Lac River to Fenner Road from Agricultural to Residential with the intent to sell three lots if the soil tests would pass. They would also like to rezone the remaining 20 +/- acres west of the Fond du Lac River to Nelson Road from Agricultural to Ag Transitional with the intent of selling this parcel in one piece.

Dean also asked the Board to get better clarification on the town road/driveways. Discussion took place regarding this rezoning. The issue of Fenner Road being a road or a town driveway was addressed. The understanding now is that it is a town driveway. Mike made a motion to deny rezoning request. Ed seconded the motion. Ed stated that a YES vote would mean that the rezoning was denied. Let the record show that three paper ballots were cast with the following results: Ed—YES, Mike—YES and Frank—YES. The Town Board voted unanimously to deny the rezoning requests to rezone 11.25 +/- acres from Agricultural to Residential and to rezone 20 +/- acres from Agricultural to Ag Transitional. The follow reasons were offered for denying this rezoning.

From the TOWN OF LAMARTINE Zoning Ordinance Pages 27 & 28

70.6 Standards for Rezoning:

1. Adequate public facilities to serve the development are present or will be provided.
2. Provision of these facilities will not be unreasonable burden to local government.
5. The potential for conflict with remaining agricultural uses in the area.
9. The location of the proposed development to minimize the amount of agricultural land converted.

Frank moved to destroy all paper ballots. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.


A. Road report—

1. Update on Road Construction Projects—Seal Coating road projects are completed on Towne Road, Forest Ave Rd, Brown Road and Fairview Road. The Town is still waiting for a cost breakdown from Scott Construction for the work done on Towne Road, part of which will be shared by the Town of Springvale.
2. Update on TRIP Program— Trip project is complete for the one mile of new black top on Forest Ave Road. Frank will take care of getting details to Ernie Winters/FdL County regarding the TRIP project payment.
3. Set Date to Rate Town Roads—The Board will tour the roads on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005 at 5:00 Pm to rate the Town Roads.
4. Update on Streetlights—Ed will continue to push to get the streetlights back up that were removed due to the road construction on Schaefer Drive or CTH Y overpass.
5. Update on “NO PARKING” Signs—The Town will send a letter to Ernie Winters requesting the NO PARKING signs on CTH Y be removed with the new extended width of the roadway, parking on both sides should not be a problem. The Board will also request that the speed limit of 35 MPH along the portion of CTH Y south of the new overpass be extended further southward to the intersection of East & West Clark Road and CTH Y.

B. Property Clean Up Updates

1. Treptow Property— N6345 Hillcrest Road—This property remains in Corporation Council. No further information is available at this time.
2. Former Masteller Property—N6998 CTH I—Frank researched the ownership of this property and found out that the financial institute does not own this property yet. They will have a chance to buy it on the courthouse steps on October 24th. The financial institution is aware of the property needing to be cleaned up. The Board will have to wait until the property is purchased to do anything about getting it cleaned up.

C. EMSAC Meeting Update—The EMSAC committee met on August 17th at the Town of Eldorado. The decision was made to purchase a new ambulance. All the money is there to purchase the ambulance. The ambulance cost per capita for the town is $13.00. They assured the committee that it will not go over that amount.

D. Update on Buliding Committee Meeting—Greg reported that the Building Committee met recently to discuss several issues:

1. New Building Sign—The committee held off on purchasing a new sign due to the road construction on Schaefer Drive. They have a design and are pricing cement block.
2. Firehouse floor—The current floor in the firehouse is difficult to clean and putting an epoxy coating on the floor has been researched. A thicker coating than originally thought will be needed to support the trucks so more pricing will have to be gotten.
3. Flagpole—The flagpole broke off some time ago and was temporarily fixed. The flagpole needs to be purchased.
4. Hot water in the kitchen—The hot water seems to be getting to the kitchen much faster. Mark Strong has been doing a super job working with Greg to solve this problem. Greg noted that he has been out to the townhall on many occasions and the town has yet to receive a bill.

E. Update on Park Committee Meeting—Debbie Conger reported that the Park Committee had been approached by Rollie and Janet Pinno and Dan Knaus with an offer to donate the materials, cement and labor to construct a 16 x 16 shelter with a 22 x 22 concrete slab to be built at the new park (former Stiedaman property). The Clerk will check with Ron Engel to see if a shelter built on the site is allowable and with the insurance company to inquire about the towns insurance coverage for a shelter. Frank made a motion that the donation be accepted with the concerns noted addressed, leaving when the shelter is built up to the donators. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0. The Board thanked Pinno’s and Mr. Knaus for their generous donation. Ed asked about the Veterans Park idea. Debbie stated that the idea was on hold as the committee felt it would be too difficult to obtain an accurate list of names and keep it maintained.

F. Elected Officials—Please inform the Clerk if you will be attending the Annual WI Towns Association Convention in Stevens Point, October 16—October 19.

G. Set Date for Budget Workshop—October 20, 2005—6:00 Pm—Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room.

H. Financial/Election Workshop—Please let the Clerk know if you would like to attend one of these seminars.


B. Town Providing a sign post for the Randallwood Lane “Neighborhood Watch” sign—

C. Speed limit on CTH Y—

A. Fire Department presenting 2006 Budget—
B. Town providing sign post for Randallwood Lane “Neighborhood Watch” sign—
C. Request to post a “NO OUTLET” sign on Randallwood Lane—
D. Town taking over Hawkview Circle—
E. Town taking over the new portion of Randallwood Lane—


The Clerk presented monthly checks and vouchers. Frank made a motion to pay the monthly vouchers as presented. Mike seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

With no more business to discuss Ed made a motion seconded by Mike to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 3-0.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Randall, Municipal Clerk



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