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September 9, 2013 September Town Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes Dated: September 9, 2013
With all notices having been properly posted, Frank Bartzen, Chairman called the September meeting to order at the Lamartine Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:00 Pm.

Supervisors Mike Suprenand and Bruce Rhode, and Treasurer, Greg Michels were also in attendance. Clerk, Jill Randall was absent. Please see meeting sign in sheet for other attendees.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Frank explained that the minutes for the August Board meeting were not complete as the clerk was ill, and ended up having emergency surgery. The minutes for the August Board meeting would be completed and approved at the next board meeting.

Frank asked Greg to read the Treasurer’s report. Bruce seconded by Mike moved to accept the August Treasurer’s report as presented. Motion carried 3-0. Due to the Clerk’s absent there was no Treasurer / clerk reconciliation report presented at this meeting. This reconciliation report will be completed and presented for Board review at the October Board meeting.

Citizen Concerns:

Review and possible approval of development agreement for Fond du Lac County/Bug Tussel Wireless tower. Ken Franzen and Steve Heimeruch from Bug Tussel were present at this meeting for discussion regarding the wireless tower agreement with Fond du Lac County. Mike moved seconded by Bruce to approve the go ahead with the development agreement for Fond du Lac County and Bug Tussel Wireless tower. Motion approved

A. Road Report—Frank reported that Treptow Lane would be blacktopped in three weeks. Palmer Road shouldering is done. The grader sale is complete. The tires were sold for $1800.00 and the grader sold for $5000.00.
B. Update on Farmland Preservation Plan Ordinance Review—Moving along on the updating of this plan. Martenson and Eisele have made all the changes found in the recent review of the plan. New copies of the plan have been forwarded to the town. The Yellow highlights are the new additions and the blue highlights are the stricken verbiage.
C. Update on Foss Road Issues Regarding Road Owner of Record—Attorney Opinion—The Town Attorney is still working on the Quit Claim Deed for the property owners signature.
D. Update on Progress of Delinquent Property Tax Payments for Lori’s Bar—Let the record show that Mike Suprenand stepped down for this agenda item. Bar owner Lori Suprenand has paid another $1000.00 off on delinquent taxes. Because of the good progress Bruce seconded by Frank moved to extend her liquor license another 90-days (through December 31, 2013). Motion carried 2-0.
A. Board Action—Farmland Preservation Plan Decision/Attorney Approve to Send to DATCP—Frank explained that the town attorney via email approved sending the Farmland Preservation Plan to DATCP. Mike seconded by Bruce moved to approve sending the Farmland Preservation Plan to DATCP. Motion carried 3-0.
B. Board Action—Town Garage Steel Siding Repair—Mike moved seconded by Frank to approve the repair of the town garage steel siding for $235.00. Motion carried 3-0.
Also, Frank seconded by Mike moved to approve the repair of the door sweeps for $890.00. Motion carried 3-0.

A. Advanced Disposal—Garbage & Recycling Contract for the Township—Bruce seconded by Mike moved to approve a five year contract with Advanced Disposal for Garbage and recycling removal for $12.12 a month per household. Motion carried 3-0. The contract will be sent to the town soon.

Approving the monthly vouchers and checks—Due to the Clerk’s illness no vouchers or checks were prepared for this board meeting. Mike seconded by Bruce moved that Frank, Jill and Greg get together in the near future and review all vouchers for payment, write checks and mail them out. The vouchers will be reviewed by the remaining board members at the October Board meeting. Motion carried 3-0.

Adjournment—Mike moved seconded by Bruce to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 3-0 and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Town of Lamartine

Greg Michels
Acting Clerk

Included with these minutes: Attendance Sign in Sheet


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